HGAI provides its membership for free. It means anyone willing to contribute a hand to the growth of hemp can become a member of HGAI. We value the contribution of our members and provide them with certain benefits as a part of HGAI.

Benefits of Membership


HGFI works on gathering some information about the Indian hemp industry. We collaborate with researchers from time to time and talk to various subject leaders to verify all the ground realities. All this information and details about the Indian hemp industry are collected to educate our members and hemp growers. 

We also intend to keep all our members and farmers updated regarding the industry’s current situation. It is one of the most significant benefits of becoming a member of HGFI.


We, at HGFI, are wholeheartedly committed to maintaining the positive image of industrial hemp in the eyes of the public. We also work to keep up the strong working bonds with the law agencies. 

We also promise to share relevant and essential information about the Indian hemp industry with plant growers. Most importantly, we promote the open flow of information within the industry to avoid any misguidance to the growers regarding industrial hemp.

Growth and support

The primary motive of HGFI is to help and support the people involved in the cultivation of hemp in India. We also try to extend our help to the people working for the hemp industry. 

Moreover, we work for the benefit of growers and thus promote activities like inputs, production, processing, and manufacturing systems. With this, we would like to put in our efforts to increase the stability of the Indian hemp industry.

Be the change

People at HGFI are motivated to work closely with the growers of hemp in India. By working in the local regions, we understand the struggles and the problems faced by the people, including legal obligations and weather conditions.​

Thus, we would like to put our total effort into keeping the industry alive and helping it flourish in the future. If we want a better tomorrow for our hemp growers, then it is advised that we join the army today and work for it.
Become a member of HGFI and never miss out on anything related to hemp going on across the world. Let us join hands for our better future.